We know exactly what we do!

Automotive, measuring technology, tools, furniture, hi-fi and electronics up to aerospace – if you have been successful for decades in major industries all over the world, you have to know your trade well.

We from HEMA have been continuously optimizing the process of cold massive forming and now rank among the leading manufacturers of a great variety of parts. The fact that our customers count on consistent quality is not only a matter of certifications but has been an integral element of our self-conception from the start.

HEMA – the Best that Can Happen to Steel.

Cold Massive Forming

Highly precise, versatile, efficient, and that in shortest production times.

Production & Quality

Our motto: Every product can only be as good as the process behind it.


An exciting story

“Naturally, the exciting story behind HEMA is cold forming.

The raw materials we use here in our company are almost 100 % transformed into finished parts: Screws, extruded parts, threaded parts and further solutions – exactly according to customer requirement and in highest quality. In my opinion, this is undoubtedly the production process of the future.”

Rainer Krahl, Managing Director