We manufacture solutions made of metal

Parts from the company HEMA are not only strong and reliable. They are also highly flexible with respect to their intended use and above all custom-fit developments for the requirements of our customers. What you can see here is an insight into our comprehensive range of solutions made of metal. We will be happy to answer your individual request.


Molded Parts with & without Threads

These include extruded parts (e.g. bolts, plugs, or pins) up to a max. collar Ø of 25 mm and a max. length of 90 mm as well as threaded parts according to drawing – (almost) everything is possible for us.

Screw Plugs

As a manufacturer, we from HEMA stand for the complete range of screw plugs made of steel and further metals (copper, brass …) with all common types of surface protection, tightening or inhibiting coating. Completely new and individual solutions are also no problem for us.

Clamp Screws

As a manufacturer, we from HEMA also have WSP clamp screwsin a great variety of sizes in our portfolio, on request with special surface protection. These screws are manufactured on multistage presses, often in combination with further cutting processes.


Made for you!

From smaller to bigger, in a variety of shapes, with or without threads – parts from the company HEMA are anything but standard. Our products are tailored to the specific requirements of our customers , making significant contributions in industries such as trading, the automotive industry, tools andand machine building / plant engineering.


You have a special request?

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HEMA Umformtechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Östreweg 4/1 | 72355 Schömberg – Schörzingen

HEMA Umformtechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Östreweg 4/1 | 72355 Schömberg – Schörzingen