The Green Screw

No wonder others turn green with envy. We from HEMA have been tinkering with the future, and this for quite a while. The Green Screw works hard but is gentle to the environment. It is therefore the symbol of all our efforts in the area of sustainability.

Nachhaltigkeit Grüne Schraube

More than a screw

Our Green Screw is more than just a part. It is a symbol and a promise – to the outside and the inside. After all, it combines quite a few advantages of HEMA.

  • Less material consumption through highest consumption efficiency
  • Fewer residues as hardly any chip waste builds up
  • Lower energy consumption through smart use of waste heat
  • More options through intelligent engineering
  • Lead-free (as opposed to turning parts)
  • Maximum energy autarky through photovoltaics and internal use
  • More satisfied customers through highest advisory expertise

This all means: Our parts & screws have top values in terms of carbon footprint. Many reasons to embrace the future! Sounds good? It is. Convince yourself of the capabilities of HEMA Umformtechnik.

Our Quality Standards for the Environment

We work according to certified processes and highest quality standards, with reliability and sustainability being the central guidelines. This ranges from the quality of our products and the meeting of deadlines to energy management and environmental protection. HEMA already thinks into the future. Something you can rely on.

Principles of quality and environmental policy:

What can we do for you?

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HEMA Umformtechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Östreweg 4/1 | 72355 Schömberg – Schörzingen

HEMA Umformtechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Östreweg 4/1 | 72355 Schömberg – Schörzingen