Welcome to HEMA

No, we don’t have 

a screw loose.

Quite the contrary. But as a matter of fact, at HEMA practically everything revolves around these little metal objects that everyone is familiar with. Why, you ask? The answer is a simple one: because screws are simply a matter close to our hearts!

The best thing that can happen to steel!

Our entire range of screws, bolts, extruded parts and more besides are far more than just tooling steel to us. Because we at HEMA don’t just make metal products. We create values. Values made of steel that our customers can rely on.

Because anyone on the move with their products in such sensitive industries like the automotive industry, machine construction or even the aviation and aerospace industry knows just how important quality and reliability are. In most cases in these industries, you don’t even see our screws – in the likes of cars that travel the world’s roads in their millions. But, of course, this doesn’t make them any less important. Our products hold, secure and connect: If it fits, it’s HEMA.

Our screws play first fiddle in many other applications too. One example of this is our gold-plated hexalobular socket-screws, which ensure maximum sound quality in the audio industry and also make a really fine impression. 

These diverse areas of application mean that we take a personal interest in each and every screw. So you can rest assured that we’ll find the right screw to suit your requirement. From classic solutions such as the lock screw – be it short or long, or with or without a washer, hex or hexalobular socket – to individual products designed to suit your requirements, we at HEMA are the first port of call for screws. Screws that simply fit.

HEMA – a world of screws!

Our promotional film

HEMA is the place where metal gets into shape in a fantastic way, and where all kinds of screws are created from shiny steel. Is this work really as exciting as we’re making out? We think so. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have been devoting all our energies to it for more than 65 years. But it’s best for you to get your own idea of what we do...