HEMA – a really strong history!

When screws simply

get better all the time

When Hans Hermann founded the company more than 65 years ago, it was simply a workshop. The workshop was later transformed into a factory, and production operations switched from simple standard parts to screws and cold-formed parts of an ever higher quality.
The company has been managed in the second generation by Erwin Hermann, who took over the helm in 1989 and has steered the company to success in the present day. What with growing complexity, broader fields of application and customers from all over the world, nowadays HEMA is considered to be one of the market leaders for high-quality fastening elements and cold extruded parts.
In addition to an ever growing workforce which now comprises 80 employees, HEMA has steadily expanded in spatial terms too. 2018 will see yet another milestone, with the opening of the new production hall at the company headquarters in Schörzingen. Special attention is being paid to a sustainable energy management concept in this regard, so HEMA will be well-positioned for a successful future.