Extruded parts

Extruded parts from HEMA:

Creating quality from cold forming

HEMA offers extruded parts made on multi-stage presses such as bolts, plugs or pins for an extremely wide range of applications and with a maximum collar diameter of 25 mm and a maximum length of 90 mm. It’s the full spectrum of solutions – designed precisely in line with your requirements.

Cotter / spacer / suspension bolts

Cotter, spacer and suspension bolts for the automotive industry.

Locking bolts

Locking bolts for seat adjustments in the car industry (automotive).

Locking bolts

Locking bolts for adjusting or fixing aluminum telescopic ladders (construction industry / home improvements).

Interlock bolts

Interlock bolts for convertible hoods (automotive).

Rivet bolts

Rivet bolts for various uses and applications in the electronics industry.

Eccentric bolts

Eccentric bolts for precise adjustment for door / window frames (construction industry).