You can’t make something out of nothing. And you can’t achieve success without a little bit of hard labor. But this isn’t the case at HEMA!

Normative, yet not the norm

Just what is it that makes HEMA lock screws so special? The fact that they leave nothing to be desired.

Six edges – could we get a “hallelujah”?

Reliability, faithfulness and simplicity
are desirable qualities in so many areas.


With screws that achieve true top performance!

The best thing that can happen to steel

Screws and bolts – more than just tooling steel to us.




Do you know what a Stradivarius violin and a HEMA screw have in common?

What is the dB value of an extruded part?

Whether you’re at a restaurant, at church, watching sports... There are moments when absolute silence is a must.

Non-stop quality in tape measures!

Professionals in the measuring tools industry place their trust in HEMA.

Our treasured gold piece used to guarantee good sound

Our gold-plated hexalobular socket-screws – for maximum sound quality in the high-end audio industry.

The company is resourceful

Particularly when it comes to material – after all, it costs money! And we much prefer saving money.